Development of Svendborg Harbor
2013 - 2016

De­vel­op­ment with mar­itime roots

Plans and strategies for the good life by the harbor

The harbor of Svendborg is full of character from its heritage as a commercial port and ship building port for many centuries.

The harbor has been has been identified by the town council as the key area for the transformation of Svendborg to attract new businesses as well as new inhabitants in the former sailors town.

Vandkunsten Architects were asked to put together a development plan for the strategic transformation of Svendborg Harbor.

The development plan includes a physical plan, a plan in stages, and specific strategies for housing, landscape, urban development, business, urban life, and urban spaces, climate adaptation, sustainability, and the maritime cultural heritage.

The plan includes structures built on stilts and plinths in anticipation of the risk of flooding.

The plan was approved by the city council in 2014 and under development in the coming decades.

The development plan is a tool in securing the relationship between the historical urban center and the harbor that respects and enhances the local scale as well as the particular sequence of urban spaces and functions.

Framework for transformation

The development plan is the overall framework whereas the final architecture will be the result of local collaborations, investors, and legislative processes.

Cultural embankment

The dike that will be established as part of the flood control is imagined to contain a recreational function. We suggest to design the fortification with a variety in depths and surfaces for the area to be a piece of urban furniture and used to relax or to play.

Project facts


Project name: Development of Svendborg Harbor


Client: Svendborg Kommune

Location: Svendborg

Gross area: 250.000

Date: 2013 - 2016

Status: Under udvikling


Program: Mixed use

Activity: Architectural consultants, strategy, development plan

Contact: Jan Albrechtsen,

Project group: Pernille Schyum Poulsen

Employees: Morten Dam Feddersen


Architect: Vandkunsten Architects

Landscape: Vandkunsten Architects

Engineer: COWI