2008 - 2008

The green river

Kløvermarken's future

Kløvermarken is a big, unpolished gem in Copenhagen, and in our competition proposal the potentials of increasing the connection between the area and the rest of the city was central. The main concept is relatively simple. It redefines the extent of the existing Kløvermark area and establishes a new space that runs through the area like a riverbed, maintaining the significant qualities of the landscape: the sport and recreational facilities and the visual connection with the medieval city centre. This green river also creates a new attractive connection from the ramparts of Christianshavn to the Prøvesten Canal and the local centre of the new city district.

The intention behind the proposal was to weave into and build on the area’s multi-coloured mosaic of functions, scales and people with future-oriented focus on sport, movement and sustainability.

The ‘green river’ is the physical symbol of the sustainable city. It was thought as a corridor of flora and fauna, a life-generating oasis in the city centre and a sustainable transport artery that makes it easy for pedestrians and cyclists to move through the city, surrounded by attractive and interesting urban spaces.


Along the banks of the river, where the open sport and leisure landscape meets the city, we proposed public promenades with a rich variety of facilities for both organised and self-organised sports activities. This is where city life and movement unite in new hybrid forms and shapes. Small neighbourhoods will emerge along the river over time. Each of them will have a unique profile, structure and scale adapted to the needs and requirements of the future. Each of these neighbourhoods will reflect and develop the special characteristics of the city areas behind them.

Project facts


Project name: Kløvermarken


Location: København

Date: 2008 - 2008