Assisted living and activity center at Bybjergvej
2018 - 2020

A safe com­mu­nity

A modern home in green surroundings

Three assisted co-living facilities for adults with handicaps in Ballerup municipality will be joined to find a future in the old teacher training college. The future residents will be people with mental or physical handicaps which calls for assistance on a social and physical level.

The project is a transformation of the former teacher training college from 1967, UCC Ballerup which will become the homr of 33 people as well as house facilities such as a concert hall, and a school.

The existing building complex feature clear architectural qualities. The existing building complex consists of a series of cubic building volumes connected by a lower building volume.

Transformation with the end-users

The transformation of the old college is following close collaboration with residents, their families, and professionals from the existing co-living centres and the activity centers.

Proposals for the new home interiors

Project facts


Project name: Assisted living and activity center at Bybjergvej

Category:Co-Housing, Culture & Institutions, Housing, Renovation

Client: Ballerup Municipality and Ballerup Boligselskab v. Domea

Location: Ballerup

Gross area: Housing and sercice area 2.780 m², Activity center 2.130 m²

Date: 2018 - 2020

Status: Tender

Number of units: 33 living units

Cost of construction: Awaits bids


Program: Multicenter with assisted co-living and daily activities, such as a school and a concert hall

Activity: Transformation

Construction system: Eksisterende konstruktion af betonelementer

Contact: Flemming Ibsen,

Project group: Olmo Ahlmann, Christian Stahlfest Holck Skov, Rasmus Olsen, Rasmus Voss Nyborg, Klaus Richter Gydesen, Thais Espersen, Flemming Ibsen, Chanette Ingemann Nielsen, Susanne Schelde