Carl Jacobsens Vej
2012 - 2014

Ur­ban di­ver­sity in the for­mer in­dus­trial area

Non-profit housing, nursing homes and day care

The old industrial neighborhood at Carl Jacobsens Vej in Valby near Copenhagen is characterized by red masonry structures at a variety of sizes. In 2008 Vandkunsten Architects developed the masterplan for the transformation of the area from an industrial part far outside the city – to a mixed urban neighborhood on the outskirts of central Copenhagen. The original character was maintained in the plan with a distinct red expression as well as lots of sprout-like buildings and dense back yards.

In 2012 Vandkunsten Architects got the commission to design and build the first housing complex in the urban transformation. The mixed housing scheme at Carl Jacobsens Vej has social housing, nursery homes as well as care facilities for mentally handicapped tenants.

There is a mix of housing types within the housing complex: two-storey row houses blended with  regular one-storey apartments, penthouse homes and artists’ studios



The development plan has mixed functions and housing types to ensure that the neighborhood will be diverse in terms of urban spaces as well as the types of inhabitants.

Variations in heights and volumes is inspired by the old industrial buildings of the area

There are climbing plants and flower beds on roof surfaces and walls

Functions in layers

Institutions and homes are placed on overlapping layers – the nursing home and housing have rooftop terraces on different floors while the playground of the nursery home is on the ground level.

Spacious roof spaces function as access to the homes – this means that all homes have access to shared spaces on each floor of the building.

Project facts


Project name: Carl Jacobsens Vej

Category:Culture & Institutions, Housing, Planning

Client: KAB

Location: Valby

Gross area: 9.200

Date: 2012 - 2014

Status: Finished

Number of units: 53 non-profit apartments, 26 nursing home apartments, 1 day care institution with 7 children units

Cost of construction: DKK 4 mio.


Program: Non-profit housing, nursing home and day care

Activity: New construction

Job type: Competition for non-profit housing, project management

Construction system: Varies between concrete as well as wood based modules

Contact: Kim Dalgaard,

Project group: Jan Albrechtsen, Michael Delin, Kim Dalgaard, Camilla Stilling


Architect: Vandkunsten Architects

Landscape: Vandkunsten Architects

Engineer: Dominia