The blue corner
1988 - 1989

The Blue Cor­ner

The Blue Corner in Christianshavn

For a tiny plot in Copenhagen’s Christianshavn district we designed six non-profit homes as a form of modern urban renewal. A corner plot can be tricky, but opening it up leads to brighter homes and public access to the historical backyard. A sort of low-rise, high-density multi-storey building in one. Using low-cost, industrial sheet steel for the facade and roof made for a distinctive expression in the old neighbourhood. Simple, industrial materials and a bright and uniform colour scheme strike a contrast to the complex rooms. A recipe for building new in a historical neighborhood is based on a considerate yet contemporary approach.


Project facts


Project name: The blue corner


Client: The Non-profit Client FSB (Foreningen for Socialt Boligbyggeri)

Location: Christianshavn

Gross area: 420

Date: 1988 - 1989

Status: Built

Number of units: 6 Apartments


Program: Housing

Contact: Jan Albrechtsen,

Project group: Michael Sten Johnsen, Jan Albrechtsen

Employees: Ole Halfdan Andersen and Birgit Jakobsen


Architect: Vandkunsten

Landscape: Box 25

Engineer: vi-68 a/s

Contractor: Murersvendenes A/S