Ovalen in Roholmsparken + program of values
2018 - 2024

Frame­works for qual­ity of life

The quality of life improves, and older people feel less lonely when they live in a co-housing community

Therefore, Realdania has taken the initiative called “Spaces and Communities for Older People.” Vandkunsten has outlined the initial plans for the first senior co-housing community, which will be constructed through a partnership between Albertslund Municipality, KAB, the housing association AKB Albertslund, and the Realdania association. As the foundation for the co-housing community, we have developed a value program that provides suggestions for what everyday communities can focus on. The value program is based on a series of interviews, which indicate, among other things, that many men need specific activities to gather around, the ability to withdraw from the community, and the opportunity to socialize with others on their own terms. Therefore, space is created to collectively develop specific facilities such as workshops, fitness rooms, and a billiards area.

Men want to gather around activities and on their own terms

An important focus in the development of the new co-housing community has been to ensure that it is innovative in its approach to creating the framework for a vibrant everyday community among the residents. Traditionally, there has been a predominance of women in many housing communities. Therefore, it is a goal in designing the co-housing community to appeal equally to both men and women.

Project facts


Project name: Ovalen in Roholmsparken + program of values

Category:Co-Housing, Housing

Client: AKB København / KAB

Location: Albertslund

Gross area: 4.147

Date: 2018 - 2024

Status: Under construction

Number of units: 50

Cost of construction: 55 mio. kr.


Program: Cohousing, public senior housing 55+ and common room

Activity: Program of values and new construction

Job type: Opdrag

Contact: Rikke Møller Andersen, rma@vandkunst.dk

Project group: Rikke Møller Andersen, Jan Albrechtsen, Ole Skjelmose, Nel Jan Schipull


Architect: Vandkunsten

Landscape: Vandkunsten

Engineer: DOMINIA, MOE A/S

Contractor: Bo-Hus A/S

Consultant: Andel (værdiprogram)