Jystrup Sawmill (Jystrup Savværk)
1982 - 1984

Com­mu­nal liv­ing un­der one big roof

Focus on Community

A private group of owners commissioned Vandkunsten to build a coop with maximized level of community. We added many of the original ideas about community and democracy from our manifest-like Project 35 (1970), but on a much smaller and more manageable scale. It was built in close dialogue with the residents on a plot in Ringsted. Previously home to a sawmill (Jystrup Savværk), it became the site for experimental residential solutions and energy efficiency.

The coop housing development Jystrup Sawmill (Jystrup Savværk) feels like one big house with 21 private residential units, a ‘single organism’ with 40% communal space, where private and communal areas can shrink and grow as needed.

In the early 1980s we designed several communal housing developments; Trudeslund in Birkerød (1980) was one of the precursors of Jystrup.

The sawmill in the village

A part of the old sawmills buildings was preserved and the community now lives as a small village in the village.

A warm feeling of hospitality and community

A big glass roof covers an interior street that makes up a large part of the communal space, with trees and flower beds and room for communal meals and play.

Variations under the same roof

The building complex consists of 5 different apartment types in one as well as two storeys – and a total of 5 types of homes. Building on different levels allows generous amounts of daylight to enter all homes.

Project facts


Project name: Jystrup Sawmill (Jystrup Savværk)

Category:Co-Housing, Housing, Wood

Client: The Coop in Jystrup Sawmill (Andelsboligforeningen Jystrup Savværk)

Location: Jystrup

Gross area: 2.915

Date: 1982 - 1984

Status: Finished

Number of units: 21 homes


Program: Community housing

Job type: Commission

Construction system: Wood construction with facades off black painted wood and sheet materials

Contact: Jan Albrechtsen, jal@vandkunst.dk

Project group: Jens Thomas Arnfred, Michael Sten Johnsen, Jan Albrechtsen


Architect: Vandkunsten

Landscape: Vandkunsten

Engineer: Jørgen Nielsen ApS og I. C Strunge Jensen ApS