Expansion of the Bernadotte School
2007 - 2009

Ad­di­tion with a sense of the spirit of the old school

A small project with large impact

In the 60+ year lifetime of the Bernadotte School in Hellerup, the private school north of Copenhagen has had a chronical lack of space. The school has acquired neighboring buildings and remodeled buildings over time – yet the demand for space has changed and increased as well over decades.

That is why the Bernadotte School approached Vandkunsten with the task of designing an addition to the main building. The project may be small in square meters but large in complexity.

The addition was finished in 2009 and the modest amount of square meters are fully taken advantage of.

We designed the addition as an independent and contemporary building – it fits in with the other eclectic collection of school buildings.

The solution to the expansion of the Bernadotte School does not change the fact that the school has limited outdoor areas. Yet, the design incorporates the roofs for two new outdoor spaces.

The green addition

The façade of the building is wired up as part of the landscaping and building design.  Today Wisteria, Black Leaf Ivy, and Virginia Creeper filter daylight entering the building.

Eclectic expression

The addition is designed as an independent building adding to the eclectic expression of the school.


Project facts


Project name: Expansion of the Bernadotte School

Category:Culture & Institutions, Renovation

Client: The Bernadotte School

Location: Hellerup

Gross area: The expansion: 253

Date: 2007 - 2009

Status: Finished

Number of units: Three new classrooms, a new library, a theater and gym, an expansion to the wood workshop, two large roof top schoolyards.

Cost of construction: Funding by Reladania: DKK 1,6 mio.


Program: Expansion of school

Activity: Lead Consultant

Job type: Comission

Contact: Jan Albrechtsen, jal@vandkunst.dk

Project group: Olmo Ahlmann, Flemming Ibsen

Employees: Jørn Hovind


Architect: Vandkunsten Architects

Landscape: Vandkunsten Architects

Engineer: Moe

Consultant: The project was developed with the Realdania Foundation. Furniture donation by Magnussen Design. Photos: Adam Mørk