Basisboligen – Minimal Housing Concept

Max­imised liv­abil­ity in a mi­cro-home


Home-hunting in the city has become increasingly challenging due to soaring real estate prices and rents, and a shortage of smaller flats.

As low-income groups struggle to find accommodation they can afford, the City of Copenhagen and the social housing organization KAB joined forces. They approached Vandkunsten Architects with the task of developing a small living unit at a monthly rent of around €430 for about 30m2, including kitchen and bathroom.

Basisboligen (the Basic Living Unit) is a concept that currently includes three different unit types, all constructed as prefabricated box modules. These types can all be developed as units for singles, couples or room mates, and shared facilities can also be added to meet local conditions.

Compact but efficient

All units have been designed with low rent in mind, but also with rich spatial qualities, optimized use of space, generous daylight and the possibility to be combined into various building typologies.

Prefabricated Micro homes

Micro-building with balcony access from a covered patio. Each floor has a unit for flatshare (in colour) and five single units.

Hems og opbevaring under loftet

Different access systems

The units are developed with a variety of access systems in mind . They can be built as free-standing structures or as infill in a dense urban context.

Project facts


Project name: Basisboligen – Minimal Housing Concept

Category:Housing, R&D

Client: KAB and City of Copenhagen

Location: Copenhagen

Date: 2015

Status: Finished


Program: Affordable micro-living

Activity: Concept development

Job type: Commission, development project

Construction system: Prefabricated box units

Contact: Jan Albrechtsen,

Project group: Marie Hildebrand Frederiksen, Pernille Schyum Poulsen

Employees: Luna Fruensgård