Allerød Town hall (Allerød Rådhus)
2005 - 2006

From in­dus­try to town hall

New function for a robust building

In 2000 we designed a new building for an electronics company to house their R&D, production, stock, and administration. When the city of Allerød bought the building in 2004 they asked us to perform the transformation to town hall.

The original two-storey building is 6,000 m² it has a square plan and simple structural system in steel with concrete decks and glass facades.

The transformation from high-tech industry building to new town hall proved simple demanding little intervention. In just a few months the former storage space for cables and it-equipment was altered to become the present day council chamber and a service portal for inhabitants.

A few new counters and closed meeting room boxes were established. That was basically the intervention.

Houses that do more

'From industry to town hall, like that! A childhood dream came true. Of buildings that could something else and more than what the brief had asked for. General usability is the fancy term. In the beginning, the open plans were received with some reluctance and trepidation. Now they are loved by most.'

- Jens Thomas Arnfred, architect MAA, co-founder of Vandkunsten Architects

Townhall with views to the four corners

The house was originally intended to house productiion, storage, sales, and r&d of the electronics company Crimp. It is 62×62 m square box with glass facades facing the four corners of the world.

Flexibel council chamber

The double height space was originally designed as storage for cables and it equipment. Now it is the council chamber and service portal for inhabitants

New meeting halls for the personal conversation

A few new counters and closed meeting room boxes were established. That was basically the intervention.

Mild northern light

The roof structure is a traditional industrial north light structure in steel and glass which draws plenty of daylight without the glare from direct sun.

Wooden lamella offer shade

The original glass façade has cedar lamella for solar shading.

Same art

The art collection of Danish painters of the previous owner is still hanging on the walls

Project facts


Project name: Allerød Town hall (Allerød Rådhus)


Client: Crimp / Allerød Town

Location: Allerød

Gross area: 6000

Date: 2005 - 2006

Cost of construction: 90 mio DKK for orifinal build and 8 mio DKK for the transformation.


Program: Originally a commercial building - then a town hall

Activity: Refurbishment of the building originally designed by Vandkunsten

Job type: Comission

Construction system: Steel and concrete

Contact: Jan Albrechtsen,

Project group: Flemming Ibsen, Jens Thomas Arnfred, Thomas Nybo Rasmussen

Employees: Jørgen Taxholm, Mogens Jørgensen og Julian Jahn


Architect: Vandkunsten

Engineer: Erik K Jørgensen A/S