AlmenBolig+ Grønttorvet
2016 - 2019

Box ar­chi­tec­ture with a new look

5th generation of AlmenBolig+

The client launched a turnkey design competition for generation 5 of the AlmenBolig+ agreements in 2016. Vandkunsten continued a streak of wins with a concept that pushed the housing concept even further.

The Grønttorvet project features 49 family friendly units in the Copenhagen district of Valby. The 1-3 storey dwellings are built as AlmenBolig+ (SocialHousing+) which is an innovative concept in Danish Social Housing. The rent is 30 percent cheaper than conventionally by combining a new mode of responsibility given to residents, with highly optimized construction processes.

Traditional box architecture tends to be uniform in the building depth and expression. Differently, for the AlmenBolig+5 series, Vandkunsten has developed a series of living modules as an architectural tool to increase the quality of living and life in neighborhood.

AlmenBolig+ has a political origin in providing quality homes for ordinary-income people, such as nurses and school teachers who struggle to find affordable homes in the city. The rent is minimized by cutting costs for administration and maintenance and handing these chores over to the tenants. As a consequence, the construction budget is larger, to make it possible to use higher-quality materials with low maintenance.

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Unseen architectural quality

Pitched roofs and skylights add unseen architectural qualities to the economic box construction.

20% of Danish housing is social housing

The social housing associations in the form of so-called ‘Almene Boliger’ are major construction clients in Denmark. The sector has been part of developing new housing models for the changing lifestyles and family patterns of their members.

The new section

The basic house module has a depth of 11 meters on the ground floor and only 7.2 meters on the upper storeys. The building volume is consequently quite slender with great day light quality, while offering great flexibility for designing the home layout.

Facades with black wood and brick shingles

Facade materials for the AlmenBolig+concept are selected based on minimal long term expenses for maintenance – and for their aesthetic appeal.

Project facts


Project name: AlmenBolig+ Grønttorvet


Client: SAB and AKB for KAB (housing administrator)

Location: Valby

Date: 2016 - 2019

Status: Finished

Number of units: 49


Program: Affordable housing under AlmenBolig+

Activity: New construction

Job type: 1. prize in turnkey design competition for framework program 5

Construction system: Wood-based wood modules

Contact: Jan Albrechtsen,

Project group: Kristian Martinsen, Thomas Nybo Rasmussen, Gilles Charrier, Camilla Libonati, Jan Albrechtsen


Architect: Vandkunsten Architects

Landscape: Vandkunsten Architects

Engineer: DEM and Tyréns

Contractor: BM Byggeindustri