The large competition area consists of two plots – a large recreational park and a designated area for housing. Vandkunsten integrates the two otherwise separate plots. the vicinity to the park is emphasized by an organic housing design which densifying footprint of building and thus leaving more land for public access.

Jan Albrechtsen, partner at Vandkunsten says of the proposal: ”The qualities of the existing landscape conditions the identity of the location and hence for the main concept of the proposal” He continues, the edge of the woods, the flat area towards the shore, the views to the sund, to Kronborg Castle, and Kullen, are qualities that tie the location with its unique history in space as well as time.

The organic layout of housing units in the landscape has clear references to the legacy of architect Jorn Utzon whose atrium houses can be found several places in the area. The interpretation by Team Vandkunsten offers a much more urban density along with a variety of scale and urban spaces in the plan.

Sommariva is a recreational area in Elsinore which from the 1920s with facilities for sports and a park with a restaurant, outdoors events, and activities. Most sports activities are soon to be moved to more contemporary facilities and the Sommariva plot will soon contain housing in connection with the park. This is why Elsinore town council issued a competition for the plot which offers some of the best of the entire municipality – a unique history, very close to the shore of Oresund, and neighboring nature and the wood in the ’back yard’.


The town council has an ambition to develop a sustainable an vibrant district with room for play, community and sports. The cultural spirit of the place as the recreational and common meeting place is to be carried on. The ambition is furthermore to include construction of high architectural and sustainable quality, which is closely aligned with the landscape and history. New ideas for climate adaptation and urban nature is to create green and attractive spaces between the houses.

Congratulations to Elsinore!