We have now printed a limited number of copies of the report for the R&D project Nordic Built Component Reuse. Vandkunsten Architects were the manager of the project done in collaboration with Danish recycled material vendor Genbyg.dk as well as the Norwegian engineers Asplan Viak, Hjelness Consult, and the Swedish architecture school at Malmö Technical University.

Material waste is the ‘dark side’ of renovation in construction and discarded materials and components potentially represent a triple capital related to economy, energy, and culture. The project explores, by devising and con-structing 20 full-scale prototypes, new practices for high-level reuse of dis-mantled building components and materials at all product stages from sourc-ing to disassembly.

New commissions for products and methods confirm the commercial potential; LCAs confirm the assumption of environmental benefits of reuse; and the interest in prototypes and open-source dissemination of results will hopefully inspire the construction sector and users for further cultural development and implementation.


ISBN/ 978-87-999731-0-1

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