Grønne Eng Cohousing
Ørestad, Copenhagen
2021 - 2023

Com­mu­nity in the city

Framework for a sustainable residential community

In Ørestad Syd, Copenhagen, a new residential community with organic communal dining has been established. The community consists of 41 cooperative apartments and 34 condominiums, totaling 75 homes of varying sizes and with different flexible floor plans. The development is constructed in 2-6 stories, featuring a mix of townhouses and apartment buildings connected to a communal house spanning approximately 1,000 m2. The shared facilities include guest rooms, a youth space, a rehearsal room, a communal laundry with rainwater reuse, a rooftop greenhouse, a shared office space, a bicycle workshop, and a fitness room.


The construction consists of concrete and brick, and emphasis has been placed on designing it to be easily disassembled, allowing for material reuse. The development is built using materials certified as Svanemærket (Nordic Ecolabel), EcoLabel, or Blomsten (the Flower). Additionally, there is a focus on resource-saving features in the construction, including heating, electricity, and water efficiency. The building will be certified with the DGNB Gold (German Sustainable Building Council) certification.


In the courtyard, a nature playground has been established. Additionally, the courtyard has been prepared with soil so that the residents of the residential community can create their own vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and similar features. The design of the courtyard has been planned in collaboration with a working group formed by the residents. The working group has had significant influence on the design and features and has been involved in deciding whether to install outdoor kitchens, playgrounds, clotheslines, greenhouses, raised beds, and more. The necessary arrangements of the courtyard to comply with regulatory requirements, such as access paths and waste management, have been carried out by the contractor. Other works are performed by the residential community themselves after the completion of the construction.

Project facts


Project name: Grønne Eng Cohousing

Category:Co-Housing, Housing

Client: EcoVillage ApS, Fb Gruppen A/S and FB Grønne Eng ApS

Location: Ørestad, Copenhagen

Gross area: Housing 7.436 m2 (common house 1.053 m2) and 493 m2 basement

Date: 2021 - 2023

Status: Built

Number of units: 75 housing units, 41 cooperative apartments + 34 condominiums, communal house.


Program: Cohousing with cooperative apartments and condominiums

Activity: New construction

Job type: Private commission

Contact: Rikke Møller Andersen,

Project group: Rikke Møller Andersen, Thomas Nybo Rasmussen, Kristian Svejborg, Eleonora Fassina, Anders Paw Bregnballe, Nick Dyhr, Marie-Gesine Kauschen, Nel Jan Schipull


Architect: Tegnestuen Vandkunsten

Landscape: Tegnestuen Vandkunsten

Engineer: Akademiingeniør Svend Poulsen

Contractor: HLH Entreprise