Hal7 Makers' Corner
2016 - 2017

Cir­cu­lar and made for mak­ers

90 percent reuse

Repurposed shipping containers house creative activities and meeting places at the Makers’ Corner in the new sustainable district Musicon. Three groups share the facilities – a local maker community, a youth maker space, and a city-run meeting place and activity for mentally vulnerable citizens of all ages. Vandkunsten has applied repurposing materials, and involved users to meet the tight budget with high ambitions.

Back in 2016 the city received a donation from the A. P. Møllerske Støttefond, and Vandkunsten was comissioned as architects based on our experience with repurposing discarded shipping containers. After intense user involvement and in close collaboration with the contractor, the project was finished in 2017. From the outside Hal7 still looks like an old industrial hall, preserved in the urban development. Inside, one meets 900sqm of repurposed shipping containers, an old sports gym flooring, and four different comfort zones.

The project features a radical amount of reuse. On top of transforming 20 discarded containers, the existing loadbearing exterior skin,  foundations, concrete flooring, and 9 existing container modules have been reused. On top, matured materials consist most doors, windows and flooring. This means that at least 90 % of the materials used are repurposed. All details have been designed for disassembly, which allows the users to rearrange their Makers’ Corner if needs change over time.

Radical reuse

"Trust has been key in this unique project. It is really the only way to work with a tight budget and this high ambition for reuse.
During construction, the principle drawings of the project would be adapted pragmatically to meet the available reused materials that the contractor could find. Only then would be finish the design together and work out the details for reversible construction."
- Salma Zavari
Architect MAA, Vandkunsten

Insulated containers saves energy and money

The Orange Maker Space had already transformed discarded shipping containers to workshop units. Now 29 shipping containers have been fitted with central heating and is the warmest climate zone in the project.

Close collaboration

The project has been carried out with extensive use of recycled materials and components, and in a close collaboration with the contractor.

Orangery has a passive climate control

The orangery is heated when the sun shines through the transparent facade

Rocket Oven is the social heat source

To minimize the expenses for construction as well as maximize the comfort of using the facility, a concept was developed with a division of activities based on their noise levels and four climate zones.

Project facts


Project name: Hal7 Makers' Corner

Category:Culture & Institutions, R&D

Client: Roskilde Munincipality

Location: Musicon

Gross area: 900

Date: 2016 - 2017

Status: Completed

Cost of construction: DKK 6 mio


Program: Workshops and meeting place

Activity: Transformation/New construction within existing structure

Job type: Comission

Construction system: Recycled shipping containers

Contact: Søren Nielsen, sn@vandkunst.dk

Project group: Salma Zavari, Søren Nielsen


Architect: Vandkunsten Architects

Contractor: Egen Vinding & Datter