Storkens Neighbourhood, administration and supply yard
Storkens Neighbourhood, Albertslund Syd
2014 - 2016

Ro­bust and beau­ti­ful with min­i­mal main­te­nance


In the new neighbourhood the property owner of the almen housing development Albertslund Syd wished to gather employees, administration and maintenance machines. Vandkunsten was commissioned for the task, and proposed a robust and beautiful wooden building, consisting entirely of surfaces in wood. The result is that the employees are freed to focus on the tenants of the 1000 almene atrium houses that comprise Albertslund Syd.

The administration : the layout of the building is organized around one, long access hall which goes along the east facade. The building is categorized into three units with separate entrances: 1. tenant purposed functions, 2. employee facilities and 3. board facilities. Storage space is integrated in the wall along the access hall, and as larger spaces adjoining entrances to the rooms. All  the units has access to a shared, sheltered terrace facing the courtyard.

The workshop : the building is organized into three main sections dependent on their need for heating: 1. workshop and exchange central (heated to normal temperature), 2. garage, car wash, storage (heated to be above freezing temperature), and 3. oil/chemistry (unheated, though sheltered).

The building is constructed as a wooden structure with a light shell in units which is suitable for prefabrication. The building meets the demands for low energy category 2015.


The courtyard as gathering space for all functions.

All access to garage and workshop facilities happens from the courtyard. The containers are located along the plot’s west side, and the courtyard’s surface is of concrete tiles which can take the load of larger vehicles. A pedestrian and bicycle path is also established together with bike parking.

East office facade

Project facts


Project name: Storkens Neighbourhood, administration and supply yard

Category:Commercial, Wood

Client: Albertslund Boligselskab afd. Syd

Location: Storkens Neighbourhood, Albertslund Syd

Gross area: 745 m2 heated area, 219 m2 unheated area, 2440 m2 outdoor area

Date: 2014 - 2016

Status: Finished

Number of units: Supply yard, reception, offices, shared lunch space, toilets, storrage, server-/print facilities, wardrobe, kitchen, changing room with bathroom, board meeting room with tea kitchen and facilities.

Cost of construction: 20 mio. kr.


Program: New service facilities and supply yard for AB Syd in the Storken neighbourhood

Activity: New development

Job type: Commission

Contact: Søren Nielsen,

Project group: Katrine West Kristensen, Liv Ridder Storgaard, Casper Phillip Ebbesen, Thomas Nybo Rasmussen, Søren Nielsen


Architect: Vandkunsten

Landscape: Vandkunsten

Engineer: Wissenberg (Totalrådgiver)

Contractor: SB Entreprise A/S, Henning Carlsen VVS A/S (VVS) og ENCO A/S (EL)