CIRCuIT - Circular Construction In Regenerative Cities
EU - Copenhagen, Hamburg, Helsinki region, and London
2019 - 2023

Build­ing ma­te­ri­als into cir­cuit

Cities as material banks

With 30 partners from the cities of Copenhagen, Hamburg, London, and Helsinki, Vandkunsten is to pave the way for circular economy and regenerative cities.

CIRCuIT is the title of the research and innovation project funded by the EU. An abbreviation for Circular Construction In Regenerative Cities, the aim is to act as catalysts for the cities to take advantage of their built in resources,

The City of Copenhagen was the applicant for the grant application to the Horizon 2020 framework program of the European Union. and the city is the managing partner.



Designing flexible buildings to last

In parts of the EU project we will optimize design strategies for buildings and neighborhoods to last a long time and be capable for transformation to meet new functional needs when this becomes relevant.

Looking after our resources

In the EU project we will help the partner cities to look at their city as material mine for raw materials and components which can be reused instead of crushed and downgraded. Entire structures carry the potential for transformations to preserve energy, materials, and culture – an example of this is the conversion of the Motor torpedo boat hall.

Supported by the H2020 EU

CIRCuIT is supported by European Community’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme Grant Agreement no. 821201

Project facts


Project name: CIRCuIT - Circular Construction In Regenerative Cities

Category:Planning, R&D, Renovation

Client: EU's framework H2020

Location: EU - Copenhagen, Hamburg, Helsinki region, and London

Date: 2019 - 2023

Status: Kickoff June 1st 2019

Cost of construction: Supported by €10 Mio


Program: Circular economy and ressource handling in buildings and cities

Activity: Research and development

Job type: Uddeling under EUs rammeprogram H2020

Construction system: Design for transformation and design for transformation

Contact: Anne-Mette Manelius Greisen,

Project group: Nel Jan Schipull, Morten Kjer Jeppesen, Søren Nielsen, Anne-Mette Manelius Greisen