Circle House
Lisbjerg, Århus
2017 - 2020

So­cial Hous­ing de­signed for reuse

Circle House will lead the way for Circular Construction

Circle House is the world’s first Social Housing built from circular principles. This entails that the building is designed for reversibility – to be disassembled, and it is the goal that 90% of used materials can be reused without losing value.

30 companies from all part of the value chain of construction form the partner group of the project. While we would usually work with wood-based construction systems that are nearly always built to be reversible, concrete is the main material in this project.

Prefabricated concrete is the most commonly used structural system in Denmark, and because concrete is so dominant in the national building culture, even small steps towards a more sustainable use has a large impact.


Structural system with a few components

To enhance the level of reuse the structural system is limited to just a few different elements: two sizes of wall elements, two lengths of beams, and two lengths of decks elements.

Plan showing the concrete deck elements

Designed for disassembly

Plan of solitary house

Like a reverse Centre Pompidou

All installations are exposed and led in the staircases to provide easy access for maintenance

Facade study

Lejerbo, læs mere her.

Project facts


Project name: Circle House

Category:Housing, R&D

Client: Lejerbo and supported by MUDP, Realdania and Aarhus Kommune

Location: Lisbjerg, Århus

Date: 2017 - 2020

Status: In tender

Number of units: 60


Program: Housing

Activity: New construction and development

Job type: Development project

Construction system: Concrete designed for disassembly

Contact: Søren Nielsen,

Project group: Katrine West Kristensen, Søren Nielsen


Architect: 'Fællestegnestuen': Vandkunsten, 3XN, and Lendager Group

Engineer: Orbicon

Consultant: Steering committee: Lejerbo, GXN Innovation, Foreningen for Byggeriets Samfundsansvar (FBSA), MT Højgaard, Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut (SBi). Industripartnere: Dansk Beton, Spæncom, Peikko, Kalk, Dovista, Velfac, Komproment, Rockwool, Caverion, Gyproc, Tarkett, NCC Construction, Kingo Karlsen, Tscherning, RGS Nordic, Troldtekt. Konsulenter: Responsible Assets, Horten Advokatpartnerselskab, Lauritzen Advising, Hildebrandt og Brandi