RePanel is an interior wall panel system based on discarded wood from renovation and demolition. It is the first product in a circular universe of construction components obtained from urban mining. RePanel will be introduced in the market as a high-end product which can be used as an alternative to painted gypsum walls, veneer, laminated panel boards, and customized acoustic wall cladding. RePanel is among six ideas to reduce waste in the built environment and competing in the Circular Construction Challenge — Rethink Waste. Vandkunsten and Genbyg is the original team behind the idea. Anyone in the global circular ecosystem – businesses, startups, organizations, waste suppliers, researchers etc. – can join the teams in the challenge and help build the solutions. We will set the final team for the challenge in the beginning of 2018. As a team member in the Circular Construction Challenge, you can help turn one or more of the six finalist ideas into a winning solution. If your team wins, you will have access to innovation and financial support to develop a prototype. Read more about the concept for RePanel and how you can become part of our innovation team. Deadline for applications is December 3rd 2018. // Contact Anne-Mette Manelius The 3 winning teams – consisting of the idea owner and team member(s) – will be selected by an international committee in late January. The winners will have access to a 6-month innovation process with bootcamps, where they will be assisted by expert mentors to develop their prototype. They will also receive a cash prize of €130,000 to support the development of the prototype, help to scale it and potentially bring it to the global market.   About the Circular Construction Challenge The Circular Construction Challenge was initiated by the Danish philanthropic association Realdania, with the ambition of identifying, developing, and scaling new solutions to the massive waste and resource challenges threatening the construction sector today. The Danish Design Centre is the leading operator of the challenge and will be facilitating the innovation process throughout February – June, 2019.