Major renovation projects in housing estates in the Copenhagen suburbs of Albertslund and Taastrupgaard are to be more circular. Circular renovation strategies can save resources as well as add architectural qualities in the major housing estates across the country.

Circular renovation efforts have been funded in in a series of major renovation schemes for social housing. Vandkunsten Architects are part of 2 of 13 renovation projects that have been granted financial support to increase the level of direct reuse as well as the implementation of circular solutions in major renovation schemes.

// Albertslund South is a social housing estate with one-storey atrium houses and early high-density low-height. The major renovation of the 1001 houses has been underway for a decade and initial ambitions for sustainability and reuse has been cut along the way. This is why the 2012 competition proposal will be revisited. An analysis will aim at achieving a good balance between price and climate impact through calculations for Life Cycle Costing and Life Cycle Analysis along with energy use for maintenance.

The project is underway for housing clients Vridsløselille Andelsboligforening, Afdeling Gårdhavehusene VA 4 Syd og VA 4 Nord v/ Bo-Vest

The sustainability analysis in Albertslund South will seek out the best model for the renovation of loadbearing facades in terms of the following climate parameters: circular renovation principles, life cycle costing, and climate friendly materials and design for disassembly. The results of this project be a reference for a great number of comparable projects nationwide.

// Taastrupgaard, built 1972 is facing a comprehensive transformation effort with an expected budget around DKK 1 Billion.

The area will change dramatically with the completion of the comprehensive plan for ‘Taastrupgaard of the Future’: Housing units will be demolished and new housing typologies will be added. Furthermore all existing units will be upgraded to contemporary standards. The renovation effort is underway for housing client Boligselskabet AKB Taastrup, Afdeling Taastrupgaard v/ KAB

The sustainability analysis for Taastrupgaard has 2 areas of focus: reuse and energy.

The analysis includes to which extend and how the concrete from demolished housing units can be reused directly and with as little processing as possible in new projects for the housing client.

The potential for integration of active energy sources will also be investigated. The solution in question is using high-efficiency solar panels as full-covering roofing.

Contact // Søren Nielsen