Risbjerggård was originally a farm and for the past century a local cultural centre in the Hvidovre. It has colorful past with plenty of parties and community get togethers, and several alterations. In our winning proposal we preserve parts of the old structure as the familiar public notion of the culture house. The project and the architecture is an invitation to the  entire town to enter a new local living room with an eatery, orangery, a theater, open stage, communal facilities and an open garden.

House without a backside

The 2700 squaremeters of the new culture house is organized in five separate volumes – four new structures and the historical Risbjerggaard. The local Theater Vestvolden will move to new facilities in the house and the theater will be the middle and largest of the new volumes.  An orangery connects the five volumes and this is also the main entrance and the focal point of daily activities.

Partner at Vandkunsten Architects Flemming Ibsen explains:
”It is a premise for the project that the culture house opens up to the public and the town in different ways and towards all directions. Our proposal for the Culture house is split into smaller entities to fit into the local context without dominating it. – it is a scheme without back sides in a scale that is tailored to the surrounding cityhall and villa neighbors”

The Culture house is planned for completion in the spring of 2022.