With a convincing interpretation of how the revitalization of the old river stream as one big blue loop can add value for Horsens, Team Vandkunsten has been appointed winners of the parallel competition issued by Horsens Municipality.

The competition jury praises the winning proposal along with continuously innovative approach during the competition project, and a deep understanding of the complexity of the project.

The Blue Loop refers to the reintroduction and interpretation of the old river stream which will tie the urban center together. This overall urban concept will add a strong sense of identity to the town of Horsens.

In addition to the grand concept, the proposal is praised for the high level of detail with new solutions which provides a solid foundation for the work to complete the development plan. The treatment of rainwater through simple and nature-based means is praised by the jury for bringing an uncomplicated and robust sense of nature into the Å district.

The final development plan is to be developed during spring 2021. It will be a dynamic steering tool for the future development of Åkvarteret. The development plan will make the competition proposal and stages more concrete along with the preconditions for each.

Team Vandkunsten is led by Vandkunsten Architects with Skaarup Landskab, Via Trafik, Bactocon and Etos

// Follow the development and download the competition proposals and the jury report here //