Vandkunsten Architects is the recipient of the seventh edition of the Matilde Baffa Ugo Rivolta European Architecture Award 2019 for the housing project Lisbjerg Bakke.

The jury, which consists of an international panel of architects and planners, states about the winner “The wise use of prefabricated wooden building elements, reassembled, low cost and low environmental impact, together with the optimization of shared spaces show an incredible potential in the development of new housing solutions for social housing”

It is a great honour to accept this recognition from an international jury of peers, especially in a subject like social housing which is so close to the heart of the architectural practice of Vandkunsten Architects.

The award is based in Milan and has its focus on social housing and communities in architecture. While previous winners have been highly social in their formal program, such as co-housing, this seventh edition is awarded to Lisbjer for more informal social qualities, and for the technical aspects of the novel wood-based building system WoodStock, which affords architectural flexibility for future changes.

A new construction system was developed for Lisbjerg Bakke. One that is based on slender solid wood pillars and long-spanning hybrid floors. Wide access galleries work as semi-private terrasses for residents who also have attractive spaces between buildings, and a community house. With 27 different housing types, and a range of sizes developed with users of the housing organization, there is room for a mix of residents. Open floor plans without load bearing elements allows the client to make future changes of housing forms as the demand changes in the future..

The jury consists of European architects and planners: Monique Bosco-von Allmen (Switzerland), Pascal Müller (Switzerland), Rossella Gotti (France), Jens Kvorning (Denmark), Laura Montedoro (Italy).

The award comes with a prize of €10.000 and a ceremony in February will take place in Milan in February 2020

Facts about the Baffa Rivolta Award
The architectural award for social housing is named after the Italian architects Matilde Baffa (1930-2016) and Ugo Rivolta (1929-2005), who were partners in architecture and life. Throughout their carreer, and in practice and research, the investigated social aspects of architecture. The Matilde Baffa Ugo Rivolta European Architecture Award has been awarded every other year since 2007. The award process operates with full transparency, all material as well as inspirational projects, is accessible on the web site.