Adaptable buildings are robust to changes over time. It saves resources and energy when we preserve and adapt functional and beautiful buildings instead of demolition. Buildings with a history contain a strong identity.

Our vision for ‘Adaptable Futures’ is featured in the book along with a built project. We have looked forward to the arrival of Adaptable Architecture since we won the idea competition for Adaptable Futures.

The book ‘Adaptable Architecture – theory and practice’ is a fundamental book about an important and often overlooked topic for sustainable building practice: the design and construction of buildings that are not demolished. The book is full of ideas, references, analyses and charts and we recommend it to students, researchers and practitioners.

The book is published at the renowned academic publisher Routledge. Authors are researchers Dr Robert Schmidt III and Professor Simon Austin fra Loughborourgh University. Dr Schmidt III’s doctoral thesis has the same title as the book.

The book is out as paperback and hard copy.

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