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Maria Saridaki

Industrial PhD Student
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Maria Saridaki is an Industrial PhD student, working towards new calculation practices on life cycle costing (LCC) at Vandkunsten Architects. Her passion for sustainable constructions motivates her to look for innovative approaches of including life cycle cost aspect in projects of architecture, engineering and construction, leading towards high quality and economic valuable construction projects.

During her master studies in engineering, Maria has worked with Life Cycle Management and Building Information Modelling (BIM). Her master project focused on Integration of LCC into a BIM concept by the development and application of dynamic tools with connection to design models.

During her previous research activities at SBi, Maria has worked closely with the developers of LCCbyg application, which supports the DGNB certification in Denmark.

The industrial PhD project has SBi as the academic collaborator.

LCC in architectural projects

The new sustainable building class in the upcoming Building Regulations 2020 is an important driver in achieving the 17 sustainability goals of UN. Sustainable design of buildings is however hampered by weak integration of data across different software tools from independent software vendors. Vandkunsten will in this PhD project investigate how an integrated approach to data exchange between commonly used design software can support a sustainable transformation of design practices that include life cycle costing (LCC)


The objectives of the PhD project are

  • To model the factors and conditions of digital data management in current design practices that facilitate or obstruct integrated and reliable life cycle costing calculations.
  • To demonstrate how principles of compatibility and interoperability can improve data exchange between commonly applied, but independent software solutions in design practices.
  • To evaluate how an integrated approach to data management can reshape and transform digital design practices to include life cycle costing.
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Publishes "Identifying LCC user types using the concept of personas."
Maria Saridaki, Kim Haugbølle
CIB World Building Congress 2019: "Constructing Smart Cities", 17-21 June, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China


Publishes "Identifying Contradictions of Integrating Life Cycle Costing in Design Practices."
Maria Saridaki, Kim Haugbølle
10th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organization, Tallinn, Estonia (Vol. 2, pp. pp.33 - 39). Emerald Publishing Limited


Publishes "Implementing life-cycle costing: data integration between design models and cost calculations."
Maria Saridaki, Magdalini Psarra, Kim Haugbølle
Journal of Information Technology in Construction, 24, 14-32


Industrial PhD student at Vandkunsten


Research assistant at Danish Building Research Institute (SBi) in the department of Building Technology and Management


Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management, DTU Denmark


Intern Design Engineer in ALD – architecture landscape design office, Athens Greece


Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering, DUTH Greece