Together with non-profit housing administrator BSB Svendborg and Domea we have won the site purchase tender (grundkøbstilbud) to build 115 non-profit homes, 1000 m²commercial space and an attractive recreational park on the prominent site of an old public school.

The special location on the top of a slope descending to the town center and harbor as well as the existing monumental old school building will make the housing scheme unique.

Unique qualities include affordable homes in a dense, ‘hyggelig’ and diverse housing environment on a very exclusive location. The views to the south across the town and the archipelago are incomparable. With an unbuilt southern part of the site there is no doubt: this is palatial and thus the housing scheme can best be described with a metaphor – the castle (Borgen).

We are proud to be building a castle (Borgen) in Svendborg and it is our ambition to make the housing scheme the most attractive non-profit scheme in the entire Southern Funen. A place with room for all ages and incomes. A place with the longest waiting list and where you will live long enough to get to know your neighbors.

The old public school will be torn down and the bricks will be reused as for the new buildings. This will carry on the history of the place and give a worn in feel to the brand new complex.

A new and public park will be established on the southern part of the site – the ambition is to support a development towards a more fun and healthy use of local recreational areas – that should bring people together.


Client and non-profit housing administrator: BSB Svendborg

Business manager (forretningsfører):

Architect: Vandkunsten Architects

Contact: Søren Nielsen